NextGen Lottery Tracking System

NextGen Lotto is a user-friendly application that seamlessly integrates into everyday store operations and promotes efficiency by making the overall lotto management process faster, more accurate and convenient.

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easy to use
Easy To Use

It's powerful yet easy to use, no need to manually count lottery tickets – simply scan them with your phone and let NextGen Lotto calculate your lottery revenues and inventory.

get detailed analised report

Get lotto management reports instantly. With our daily sales, inventory, active books, sold-out and shift-wise reports, you can make more effective and informed business decisions.

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Data Management

Stay in control of your inventory and ticket data. Our data-centric approach offers a holistic overview of your lotto sales to improve operational efficiency.

get all the upto date book details
Continued Updates

With the goal of convenience and loss prevention in mind, we are constantly improving NextGen Lotto to provide our customers with more productive solutions

About Us

To bring technological advancement to the management of lotto sales.

Our Mission. We endeavor to promote operational efficiency by providing our customers with a convenient and user-friendly application that allows them to accurately record and manage their lotto systems.

NextGen Lotto

NextGen Lotto facilitates the adaption of digital management from present paper-based operations.
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Ticket On-Hand Summary

NextGen lotto gives you a complete idea of what you have in your active/idle inventory, and provides you with a bird's-eye view of sales of each game, terminal net sales, returns, sold-out books, and shift-wise sales which you can access from anywhere

avoid every day shorts in total
Prevents Theft

NextGen Lotto automatically matches entries daily to promote accuracy in your lotto management.

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Instant Alert Notifications

Receive notifications via SMS and/or email when NextGen Lotto identifies inconsistencies

avoid unnecessory stock in store
Save Time

By integrating NextGen Lotto into daily store operations, you can automate redundant processes and utilize employee time more effectively to increase sales.

well maintain report
Reports and Analytics

View detailed system reports and game analytics that will serve as valuable measuring tools to help you better manage your business.

avoid unnecessory stock in store
Avoid Human Errors

Through the use of NextGen Lotto, employees can avoid clerical errors in the calculation of daily sales.

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